Kazik in Africa. E-book finally released!

Translated from the Polish by Zuzanna Grześkowiak-Shipp.
Illustrated by Genevieve Bayman.

A prolonged whistle reminded all the passengers there were only five minutes left until the train’s departure. I, Kazik, was among them for in just five minutes my great trip to Africa was going to begin. I planned to cycle across Africa’s mysterious lands on my old, well-worn bike, which was already tucked away in the luggage carriage.


And how about horse riding through South-West Africa?

How about sailing and paddling on Congo River?

How about crossing Sahara Desert?

AFRYKA KAZIKA, the book for kids, is very popular among Polish children. The story is based on true story. Kazimierz Nowak, fearless Polish traveler, did cross – as the first man in the world – the whole African Continent by bicycle in the early 30’s.

Long awaited English version of an adventurous AFRYKA KAZIKA, is here and now… ready and alert… just for You!

You can buy it here: KAZIK IN AFRICA.

Good luck on Your journey!!!

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